Huge buildings to giant skyscrapers, everywhere across the globe are getting redesigned in a wild fashion… at least that is what seems to happen inside the photographic brain of Victor Enrich. The Born in Barcelona this impressive artist has taken pictures of tall buildings from the world’s various cities and digitally reworked on them 3D using technologies. And in doing so he came up with several interesting yet strange designs that will leave you awe-struck. And some of the incomprehensible structures resemble the innovative personality of Frank Gehry gone wild.

Presently he applies those well-deserved abilities toward twisting the laws of physics and rendering his viewers, with sensational images structures which regularly look moderate or dull in this present reality. His works endeavor to give us another and diverse perspective of “reality,” testing us to scrutinize the present standards and take a gander at the world with new eyes.

Amazing Achitecture