Tattoos have become so popular these days that if you get a chance, you are sure to have one. Most of the tattoo artists can create fascinating work using nothing but mere ink and their sense of creativity. This year, the most popular tattoo trends included- Minimalism, Watercolors, Stick and poke.

But sometimes we forget that tattoos can also turn out to be masterpieces of art when the skilled artist surpasses the average and goes beyond the trends. Photorealistic and 3D tattoos are examples of such art that require incredible skillset. These types of tattoos are so captivating that only a glimpse of these will leave you with an urge to have one for yourself.

Here’s a list of incredibly realistic tattoos that will freak you out the moment you gaze upon them;

1.This tattoo can actually showcase someone’s worst fishing nightmare. It’s satisfying to see how flawlessly the artist captured the pull of the skin around the fishing hook.

The Fishing Hook Nightmare

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