It is the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s lifestyle

It is said that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President works like a ‘ workhorse’, putting all his sweat and tears to keep Russia glad. Being an intense leader and wealthiest slave on the planet, Putin shows his own riches and influence gorgeously. As per reports, Putin is at present one of the wealthiest Politician and you are without a doubt going to consent to this toward the end of this article.

Though he is criticized many times in media for his royal lifestyle, but nothing has affected him yet. He is still paid 85 lakhs as the President and his rank is 9th in the world in terms of Highest paid President.

Putin owns 20 Palaces and Villas:

Yes, that’s true, he has 20 palaces and villas in Russia as well as in Finland, Europe, Moscow. The Palatial mansion fenced by Black sea is worth of $1 billion. I guess we need a calculator to count the worth of all his palaces and villas.

Putin owns 20 Palaces and Villas

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