People are upping the game of undercut hairstyles as much as they are hiking the rate of using hair colours. Buzzing the back of their heads is merely a starting point. In fact, the hairstylists are using razors to create awesome hair art at the nape of the neck. Geometric designs, line work, swirls and even characters are featured in next-level undercut hairstyles for women.

Undercuts may be more high maintenance than some other hairstyles, but there’s a reason why more people are grabbing razors and joining the undercut nation. An undercut can be referred to as the modern version of a party-in-the-back hairstyle. Unlike a mullet, shaved hairstyles have infinitely more edge. Plus, there’s no styling involved, your hairdresser already did everything for you. All you need to do is make sure that your undercut is clearly visible. That means wearing your long hair up to show off your shaved design. Isn’t that cool!!

Undercut Hairstyles That Look Ravishing From The Backside

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