We all look for adventurous activities that give us a boost of adrenaline. And, for those intrigued by the mysterious ocean, it offers a whole new world of adventure. Just imagine taking a dive in the water where the magnificent Whale Shark lives. What could be more thrilling that having a one-on-one encounter with the largest fish that rules the sea!

For those of you who’re wondering if any such activity exists, let us tell you that Whale Sharks are the among the most harmless creatures in existence. They feed on plankton and there are a few locations where you can swim along with this rare and gorgeous giant sea-creature!

Here are top 5 destinations where you can hang out with the giant Whale Shark:

1.  Isla Holbox, Mexico

Isla Holbox, an island in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, is a major attraction for wildlife tourism. Greet the harmless giant while you swim and snorkel in the waters, during the summer season which sees the annual congregation of rare whale sharks.

Isla Holbox, Mexico