This winter, when the snow is heaped high outside your doorway, or in the mountains close-by, you could simply go out into the cold and build a snowman just like old times or have an epic snowball battle. Those are some of the conventional ways to pass time during winter, yet there’s a lot more you can do when the temperature drops.

Ingenious (or maybe insane) individuals have been coming up with various strange and wild winter activities throughout the years to help them relax. You may have even known about a couple of these games, such as ice sailing and igloo building, yet we figured that a lot of these crazy winter events are still a mystery to most of you. And that is the reason we’re here –– to edify you on your frosty climate recreational choices. Even though participating in any such winter sport can be risky. Yet it’s known to most of you that a little risk always doubles up the fun.

Snow Kneeboarding:

Snow Kneeboarding also going by the name redneck kneeboarding, does exist in reality. Although you might have to go on a search for communities that have accepted and embraced the sport in a wholehearted manner.

In general kneeboards were mostly used for water towing. However, the “redneck” winter version of kneeboarding comprises of a car or snowmobile hauling the border over a snow-blanketed field.