We are much aware with the grandeur in our diversity and also know that the world and its demonstration of genetic peculiarity or difference among all the human race have to offer. It’s also true that having a specialty with an exceptional or noticeable eye color is one of the most sought after physical trait.

Undoubtedly eyes are the most expressive and attractive attribute of the face and also the best advantage one can carry, it is perhaps a tough job to find the beautiful and bright eyes in all over the world.

I believe, eyes are same as the window to the soul where one cannot assist but to be attracted and engaged for sure to the glare of a pair of expressive eyes. From blue to sea green or hazel, there is no such limitation to the beauty of these mesmerizing and jaw-dropping glares which hypnotize.
Take a glimpse for yourself.

1. Have you ever had a glimpse of eyes so green?

Have you ever had a glimpse of eyes so green?

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