As we all know that “Dog’s are human’s best” friend”. But there have been very few occasions where we find a human saving the life of a dog. But this has exactly happened in the Russia as a man comes to the rescue of a dog who fell into a pond of thin ice.

Dogs Are Human's Best Friends

As you may see in times of trouble when one person quickly reached out to his camera to capture this, almost out of nowhere arrives a man that too shirtless, swooping towards the dog to grab him by the scuff on its neck. But this was indeed challenging as the already petrified in fear tries to bit the shirtless hero.

Luckily this benevolent gentleman was absolutely okay with the couple of bites which he might have received during the rescue mission and ultimately succeeded in dragging the poor pup out of the pond without much of a fuss gladly earning the cheers from the chorus.

To Witness The Shirtless Man’s Heroics Watch This Video.