The upcoming full moon day on November 14 is not an ordinary one. The Moon will happen to come the closest to the Earth on that day. This happens only once in the century.

This beautiful event occurred in 1948 and happened never again. That day is coming again in a 9 more days. And you can’t miss this one. Remember, this will again happen on 25th November, 2034 only.

A Supermoon appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a usual fullmoon. As per some studies, the supermoon will cause higher tides. But these tides will not cause any floods.

oct supermoon

Supermooon observed in October, 2016. Pic credit: Grant Johnson

Here is a video explaining the thing of the supermoons. Take a look:


So, 2016 will be ending with three amazing supermoons in October, November and December.