Now, although I’d never condone violence of any kind, I do know there are a couple of things you should be aware of before you challenge somebody to a fight.

Firstly, don’t take your shirt off – especially if you’ve got nothing impressive to flaunt. Second, if you’re on the brink of being knocked out, make sure your final words are something memorable that won’t make you look like a jackass. Sadly this guy chose to ignore both of my pointers, and he ended up in serious trouble.


It still shocks me whenever I see street fight videos that end in a one-hit KO – like they’ve implemented some sort of real-life cheat mode. This video in particular, features an extremely brutal knock-out blow that leaves the guy on his back and snoring.

Little is known about the video itself, but it appears that the shirtless challenger pays a visits to his (ex) girlfriend’s house to air some dirty laundry (maybe that’s why he forgot his shirt?). Needless to say, after declaring he’s not scared of anybody and asking who appears to be his girlfriend’s brother, “What’s up then bro? I’m right here”, he is laid out with one perfect punch.