Ben Tardif has spent the last three years making this marble mountain consisting of 25 different sections that mesh into one giant kinetic sculpture. The builder says each element is themed (or will be upon completion) to an aspect of his life or to something he finds interesting. Check out the facts and figures below:

– It has a footprint of 12′ x 8′ and stands 8′ tall
– The material of the tracks and supports consist almost entirely of wood
– Everything is custom-made from materials bought mostly from craft and hardware stores
– The lift is 11 feet long, holds 90 marbles at once, and rotates at 1 revolution per second (60 RPM)
– It takes at least 250 marbles to keep it running without delay but looks better with 300
– There are 32 possible paths for the marbles
– There are 14 rockers that distribute the marbles onto the different paths

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