All of you must have encountered days when we get out the wrong side of the bed and have dark and gloomy clouds hanging over throughout the day.

Presently a mother of two, Esther Anderson has shared the ideal solution for shaking off the terrible state of mind – a cheerful hug from your cute little sister.

Esther who writes parenting blog named- Story Of This Life, filmed her elder daughter Ellia, who seemed to be crying right after waking up from her nap. Must be terrible nightmares!!


The videos feature the crying toddler walking into the room as the mum of two says “ It’s already been a long night and now it’s going to be a long day too”.

Soon  Ellia comes over, and sits down and reaches out to give her little sister a hug, which immediately stops her crying.

And as if that wasn’t cuddly enough, she then turns to her mother and says- “Aww. I love her. I just love her so much.”
So it’s Hearts Breaking Everywhere.

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