Live is not always easy, but if you think your life is hard, the young boy in the video below will definitely help you gain some new perspective and make you reconsider the meaning of the word difficult.

Tiyo Satrio, from Penawangan village, West Java, Indonesia, was born without both of his legs and both of his arms. Most people would think he doesn’t have a lot to smile about. In fact, just the thought of having to live each day limbless is enough to make you feel sad.

But against everything life has thrown at him, the 11-year-old’s has somehow managed to keep a positive outlook on life. His upbeat nature and infectious laugh made him the most popular pupil in his class.

Not a day goes by without him smiling. Despite the many difficulties he has to face on a daily basis, this incredible boy still finds a way to enjoy every single day and make the most out of every single experience.

This boy is an inspiration for us all. Whenever you feel like complaining because your job is hard or other things like that, remember that there are people out there who have it a lot harder.