You may have seen an orange seagull on your social media feed. Don’t worry, seagulls still look white, just that this one seagull loves Indian curry so much that it fell into it while trying to get a piece of the meat.

The seagull was trying to dive into the container filled with leftover chicken tikka masala and came out a shade of orange-yellow. Thanks to the turmeric that’s put in almost every Indian curry. “He really surprised everyone here – we had never seen anything like it before. He had fallen into a waste vat of curry that was outside, it was chicken tikka masala,” Lucy Kells, veterinary nurse at Vale wildlife hospital where he’s being treated told The Guardian.


The seagull has been cleaned up and has come back to its original colour but people at the hospital can’t get over his smell. “The thing that shocked us the most was the smell. He smelled amazing, he really smelled good,” Kells was quoted as saying. “He cleaned up surprisingly well at the hospital, we used washing-up liquid a few times,” she added.

In fact, after becoming an instant hit on social media, people have started naming it and the most voted name for him is “Gullfrezi”.


Now he is being fed well with meat, dog and cat food and pieces of chopped fish, which is one reason Kells think he got near the container in the first place.

The bird will soon be released into the wild after he re-waterproof his feathers.