In case you thought Polar Bears were cuddly let me tell you they are vicious too. Even though they look adorable, but the fact still stands upright that you could never adore them. Not while you are living anyway. They are giant creatures with amazing strength and aren’t afraid to use it especially while they are on a hunt for food. The polar bears are one of the most lethal natural predators walking the face of the earth.

Polar Bears

So, what do you expect might happen when a polar bear and dog cross paths?

Polar bears aren’t exactly choosy about what they eat especially when they are hungry. It’s like ‘anything as good as gold’ as long as it’s worth eating.

So, when a bear in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada comes upon a pooch….what do you think will happen? Oh and also, the dog’s tied down.

Gruesome kill is what you are thinking. But the image below will prove you wrong.

Assumption gone all wrong!!

David De Meulles, the man who recorded the video didn’t know what was happening but wasn’t expecting things to go  this well for the dog. But the polar bear surprised everyone by just petting the dog. Boy oh boy, it is the sweetest thing that could have happened. Just a word of caution though don’t get any ideas of cozying up to a polar bear because they are still something humans need to be afraid of. But for now I am glad to even see such a thing.

So, watch the video and get astonished!!