Where else in the world would the fastest, longest and tallest dive roller coaster be than in O-high-o?

After a year of anticipation, Cedar Point’s newest attraction, called the Valravn (in Danish folklore, a supernatural raven that apparently eats dead bodies) is set to premiere this weekend – all 3,415 feet of it.

At the top, 24 riders get a jaw-clenching birds-eye view of Lake Erie, but not a long one. Riders pause for about 4 seconds facing straight down before plunging down a 90-degree, 214 foot dive.

There’s no floor, so you can look down as the world rushes up to meet you. The ride goes 75 miles per hour (which also makes it the world’s fastest dive coaster). The ride lasts a little more than three minutes.

It officially opens at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, on May 7.

Check out the interactive, 360-degree view, below – you know, in case that’s all you can handle.

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