This experience will make you feel what customer service employees have to bear.

I’ve worked a wide range of employments, and any individual who needs to connect with the overall population realizes that there are great days and awful days. Client benefit laborers truly would like to be useful and are entirely awesome at transforming negatives into positives every day.

Yet, now and then, a client has a question that is really unanswerable. Client PrinceETheTruth offered the conversation starter to Reddit by asking, “What is the most moronic question a client has ever asked you?” More than 27,000 remarks later, we’ve figured out and picked top 11 experiences . This is what these individuals needed to say in regards to their most bizarre work cooperations. Despairing people tend to be desperate for kindred spirits, companions.

1.”His hair is too short, can you just let the sides out a bit?” Do I look like a tailor? I’m just a dog groomer.

dog groomer

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