Flaviu Cernescu is a Romanian stuntman who is becoming popular for his jaw-dropping stunts. In his latest video, Flaviu is seen riding a unicycle on an 840ft high chimney which is one of the tallest structures in Targu Jiu, a city in south-western Romania.

The stunt was filmed by Nikolai Ismail, a friend of Flaviu’s. Speaking about the motivation and preparation behind this stunt, Flaviu explained:

“I’ve been riding unicycles now for about 12 years and have been slowly working on riding on narrow and tall things. Riding on huge stuff like this chimney requires some big mental relaxation and correct visual focus.”

In other words, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Instead, you should definitely sit back and watch the pros do what they do best. If you’re not still reeling from watching Flaviu’s gravity-defying unicycle ride, you’ll love this video of a stuntman from the Assassin’s Creed movie performing the biggest free fall seen in 35 years.