It seems any concept for a game show you could ever think of has been done – and taken to a whole new level.

The art of the game show is something enjoyed by TV fans around the world – but it’s safe to say they’re not all wholesome family fun.

From bizarre Japanese classics to the US’ attempt at pitting man against beast in a series of brutal challenges, not every programme is as simple as Gladiators or Wipeout.

It appears that for every seemingly original idea you could have for a new game show, it’s already been done somewhere around the world.

It’s also likely that it’s been taken to outrageous heights, with an endless list of wacky and uncomfortable programmes being broadcast across the globe.

Lizard ATTACK!

Because why not? It’s hard to know how this was signed off, but the general concept is women with pork chops taped to their foreheads.

They then wait for a hungry – and living, breathing – lizard to try and have a bite of the tasty morsel.

Naturally, it leads to terror and chaos – and it’s hard to really figure out what the purpose of the Japanese game actually is.

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