10 Amazing Trolls by Teachers to Their Students

Of late, trolling has turned out to be a new kind of annoyance – hilarious at times, but inspiring at other times. All of us love a good troll. There have been innumerable trolling instances that have been really inspiring. Well, here are few of the perfect examples of the most inspiring trolls by teachers and we should admit that they have done it in the most innovative and amazing way.

  • This is why you should think sensibly. Had you read it till the end, you wouldn’t have had to work on all of them?

  • Isn’t this quite sadistic? Or is it?

  • Did Robby and Jerry ask you anything?

  • This seems to be a great way to encourage students.

  • The next time you want to cross the corridor, don’t forget to get a corridor pass.

  • It looks teachers are trying to use pop culture to make their students better understand Physics.

  • This homework seems much better than the pages-long assignments.

  • That’s a new lesson I’ve learnt in Biology. Should remember it!

  • This is simply hilarious!

  • This teacher takes very smart decisions.

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Worst reason for death !!

Worst reason for death !!

This is unbelievable...You must see

This is unbelievable…You must see