10 Bizarre Moments of 2017 That Would Make You Go Mad!!!

2017 has given us a lot and all we can do is catch our heads with hands on. This is one of the best years, which has made Dinchak Pooja famous! (Sarcasm…Lol).

Let’s rewind 10 years and just realise how far we have come from 2007. What did we achieve in these 10 years?

So, let’s be silent for some time and scroll through these events that happened in 2017 and know how bizarre the world has become.

  1. Dinchak Pooja

“Selfie Meine Le Li Aaj” Do you remember this song? This song has disturbed the peace of many Indians. And the girl who is responsible for this natural sorry sorry musical calamity is “Dinchak Pooja”.

  1. Fidget Spinner

I couldn’t figure out what the real use of it is. Does it really remove stress?

  1. Pouting Selfies

Did you anytime fail to recognize your friend from his pouting selfie? Then you are not the one at fault.

  1. Aachari Condom

Do you know there are condoms in pickle flavour? Are you kidding me, seriously?

  1. Tulsi Virani Became a Central Minister

Kyunki Saas abb Minister ban chuki hai!!

  1. Cows Are More Important Than Women in Our Country

Cows are safer in India than women.

  1. National Anthem Is Mandatory in Movie Theatres

Patriotism is strictly restricted to theatres, not anywhere else.

  1. Donald Trump Became the U.S President

This joke is taken way too seriously.

  1. Memes

Memes are seen everywhere and people are more addicted to it.

  1. Tinder

One of the best dating apps to show your love, lust or any desire you want, just with a swipe.

Hope you have enjoyed scrolling through these bizarre events in 2017. Do you have something to share? Then share it in the comment section below.

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