10 Coolest Office Spaces In India Where You’ll Wish To Work

A big chunk of your time everyday is spent at your work place. Some work in small cubicles, crunched tables and cluttered corners. For people like them, work can be a little depressing. You would want an office you would love walking in to wouldn’t you? Not all of us are that lucky. But some of us are.

Here are 10 such offices that are by far the coolest in our country:

1. Tulip Infratech, Gurgaon
Classy furniture and an exciting bar. There’s nothing better by far.

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2. Baya Park, Mumbai
A nest where ideas infest.


3. Myntra, Bengaluru
Best way to get out of the box idea flowing? Get the outside in.


4. Freshdesk, Chennai
If you start with a feel good message everyday, you are likely to end it with one too.


5. Microsoft, Gurgaon
There’s not much to say, when you get to work & play.


6. Google, Hyderabad
By road or by sea, this office lets flow some creativity.


7. Facebook, Hyderabad
Key to success? An ‘Indianized’ mess!


8. Fluor Daniel, Gurgaon
A design that will floor you.


9. Boston Consulting Group, Gurgaon
Why wouldn’t you want to work here and ‘co-create’ ideas?


10. Phantom Films, Mumbai
Phantom fathomed the key to creativity with this beautiful space.


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