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10 Funny Kitchen Fails That Will Teach You What Not To Do When You Cook

All of us must have experienced some moments in kitchen that make us cringe; however, when we re-look at them at a later point of time, we generally laugh at them.

Here are some really hilarious kitchen fails. These will not only make you laugh, but will also help you feel much better about your skills when it comes to cooking.

  • Nachos and toaster ovens – Toaster ovens are fantastic for re-heating foods, however, if you do not watch them, you will land up having burnt nachos.

  • Yet another use of a coffee pot – Not sure how good it may be, but you may certainly try cooking pasta with a coffee pot, if you want to experiment.



  • Boiling carrots differently – In case your stove is out for repair and you have a problem cooking veggies, you may try boiling them using your coffee maker. Can you?

  • Pizza pan is necessary- If you ever tried cooking pizza without the pan, you may have realized that you totally screwed it up. Not just that, you would also be doing the additional clean up if you did not use the pizza pan.

  • Using the microwave – There may have been days when we might have totally forgotten that aluminum cans or foils cannot be put into a microwave. That is, if we want a working microwave.

  • Running out of taco-ingredients – We may at times miss some ingredients when making tacos, but has any one tried filling in tacos with spaghetti yet?

  • Making a fiery pasta (quite literally) – Most of us may have done this at least once, but do make sure that the flame of your stove has to go under the pot and not on your pasta.

  • Food exploding scene – Some foods are not meant to be micro-waved. If they are, they will explode in the microwave and you will land up cleaning up the mess.

  • Pressure Cooker – exploding sight – If you over use the cooker, then you will land up replacing it after it explodes in your kitchen.


  • When you lose track of your cooking – Do not lose track or forget when you are cooking, or else you will pay a big price by cleaning up the waste.

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