10 Hilarious Indian Pictures Which Highlight the Ironies of Growing Up in an Indian Family

Sailesh Gopalan, a 21-year-old design student from Mumbai, creates a webcomic called Brown Paperbag, where he highlights the stereotypes and ironies prevailing in the Indian society in a satirical manner.

Here are 10 such situations put in front of you:

  • It Is Ok to Piss, but Not Ok to Kiss!!!

When will the society understand that certain things are inappropriate in the public? They can piss in public, but one cannot kiss.

  • Miss Trust

This picture shows how girls in our society are treated. Of course, there are few exceptions in this case, but still a majority of the girls face this issue at home.

  • Talk About Unknown People

Kids should not talk about the persons whom we don’t know personally, but parents can talk about characters in the serial as if they have met them in their personal life.

  • Irony to Play

Parents think we don’t go and play outside. But, this is what we encounter when we want to play outside.

  • Mind Your Own Language

Parents expect their kids to be perfect when they aren’t perfect for themselves. This is the biggest irony in every Indian family.

  • Skin Show

Before commenting on the dress of other women, let’s check our dressing first.

  • Senseless Relation

How could you sitting in front of the laptop RIP your T-shirt off? Isn’t it really a senseless comment?

  • Police Know It All

How mean it is to fine a woman for her dressing instead of arresting the culprits?

  • Gym Workout

Only gym lovers would understand what it feels like if you expect one thing and the other happens.

  • Indian Parents

This is what happens when your friend of opposite gender enters your home.

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