10 Hilarious iPhone Autocorrect Failures Showing That it Still Has a Long Way to Go

We know that iPhone is amongst the first and foremost smart devices that were created. No matter how many new players come in, iPhone still goes strong. But there have been many instances where even iPhone couldn’t perform as needed. Most of these instances are autocorrect mix-ups.

These autocorrect failures sometimes portray something which was never intended in the first place. They make people look stupid, break hearts, ruin friendships and relationships. Sometimes, they even uncover harsh truths.

Here are some of the epic autocorrect fails:

  • I think dice game is what Beth was referring to:

Charlie is right, Beth. Grandpa doesn’t need a cockring!

  • Adolf Hitler is still the man of his dreams:

He wants her to dream about the Fuhrer as well!!

  • Freaking foreskin smells really bad!

How can someone gain 10 pounds of foreskin after stopping smoking?

  • Use toilets, since open defecation is against the law:

Plus, it would make the whole neighborhood smell bad!

  • Humping animals is illegal, too:

That could have scared anyone. Damn you autocorrect!

  • Shared a tad too much:

Well some people feel relaxed after masturbating, too. It’s like meditating for some. Maybe, she wanted to say masturbating only and corrected herself when the other person said awkward!

  • Genital thunderstorm!

The epic autocorrect fail is self-explanatory.

  • Looks like you are so high that you are typing gibberish or is the autocorrect high:

They hop, they hopping, they home!!!

  • Well, this looks like a mistype and not an autocorrect:

Talking awkward stuff with mom is really weird.

  • Another mom sharing too much:

This auto correct was so hilarious that I cried with laughter!!!

The internet is flooding with autocorrect failures but these are the best of the best.

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