10 Jokes about Justin Bieber’s Exciting Journey to India

This was certainly big news! The pop superstar, Justin Bieber performed for the first time ever in India. Apart from just the concert, many other details of the concert made big headlines (for example his extravagant demands). And the internet once again flooded with hilarious jokes pertaining to both the concert as well as Justin Bieber.


After the official declaration of the Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour concert taking place in India, the buzz and trolls started when the price of the tickets rose up to 76,000. That is really loads of money.

After that, the previous week, the organizers of the Justin Bieber concert stated a list of demands that had to be fulfilled before the concert and that definitely left the people dumbstruck. After the demands were cited, there was an air of mixed feelings for the concert. Some of these demands were a Rolls Royce, a chopper for his entry to the stage, a private jet, dozens of handkerchiefs in white color and a washing machine that had to be imported from abroad.

Here are some really funny jokes that were seen all over the internet. No offense to anyone, but you have to admit that these are hilarious!


  • This one was on his demands for a dozen white handkerchiefs

  • On the reaction of the crowd.


  •  On his demand for a spray-tan salon

  • If Justin Bieber asked for a ride from a taxi driver.

  • Another one of his demands

  • A head-start to Justin Bieber on his arrival in India

  • The list of Justin Bieber’s demands was similar to a list of dowry! LOL

  • Taking inspiration from Justin Bieber

  • The age confirmation

  • And in light of all this, people did not forget Baahubali

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