10 Of The Scariest Airport Runways That Will Make You Think Twice Before Flying


Everyone feels a slight spin on their head and a churn in their stomach when a plane takes off or lands – but imagine landing on an airstrip that is really narrow or needs sharp risky turns or has to battle mountains, winds, and the seas before it sits safely on the ground.

Willing to take a risk or not, is something we leave to you but see which white-knuckle, nail-biting airport approaches made the list.

1. Courchevel Airport, Courchevel, France

The runway is uphill and the other side has a vertical drop.

Located in the fancy schmancy French town, Courchevel, this airport has an uphill runway that measures just 1722 feet. The other side of the runway has a plain vertical drop, off the side of the mountain. Remember the opening scene of the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies anyone? That was Courchevel airport.


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