10 Perfect Pictures That Describe the Curse of Being an Older Sibling

Being an older sibling at our homes gives us lots of power and responsibilities. At the same time, it is also a big curse to be the older sibling. Yeah, you heard it right!!

In this post, we have put down 10 best illustrations that explain how frustrating the curse of being an older sibling at home is.

  • You are scolded for eating a chocolate without sharing it with your kid sister.

  • The worst thing is that you can’t even share the chocolate….you need to give your younger sibling the entire chocolate.

  • Tag your younger siblings while going out. You could never go anywhere without them on trail.
  • Parents have seen much more than what you have accomplished. But, even a small act of your younger sibling is very high for them.
  • You get into shit for whatever acts you do, but not your younger sibling.
  • Your parents have got the stuff way before you did, and it applies to you too.
  • You get blamed for everything irrespective of your hand in the act.
  • Being an older sibling, when you come home drunk, it would be the worst situation.
  • You are responsible for the mischievous acts of your younger siblings because they have learnt it all from you.
  • You look for ‘cool’ parents, but your younger siblings don’t need that because they are already gifted with one.

Hope you could connect these illustrations to your real life and understood how bad it would feel being an older sibling at home.

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