10 Places Around The World That Will Give You An Experience As Real Horror & Traumatic As ‘The Conjuring’


There’s something so delicious and tantalizing about being scared out of your wits. People are drawn towards horror, as evidenced by the moolah horror movies rake in and by the popularity of haunts. Fear is irrational but very real and forces us to check over our shoulder, scan the darkness for moving shadows and makes our hearts thud in our chests. Horror enthusiasts crave for that moment when it’s just pure, singular terror. That’s why horror sells. Catering to peoples’ darkest fears, haunted houses hire the best special effects designers from Hollywood to give people the scare of their lives. Hanging bodies and actors jumping out at you in the darkness are a thing of the past. These interactive, immersive haunts push people to breaking points were screaming, crying and begging doesn’t work. These extreme haunts will make you walk through your worst hellish nightmares.

1. McKamey Manor

Location: San Diego, California

The haunt can go on for up to 8 hours and you will be required to sign a 10 page waiver.

McKamey Manor

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