10 Scenarios That Will Make You Want to Say No to Adjustment and Buy a House of Your Own

Staying in a rented apartment is not the first choice for anyone. You always have constant reminders that you are not independent and have to adjust and compromise in some way or the other. If you do not have a house of your own and live in a rented apartment, then I am sure that you will be able to relate to these conditions.

  • When it is embarrassing to invite your friends over as your locality smells like garbage.

  • When the doors and windows of your rented home do not match the proportion and proximity that you require and you keep bumping all the time.

  • The most irritating thing ever is when someone else steals your parking spot and you have to park your vehicle a few blocks away.

  • You will not receive any warning before any of the walls chip off their paints.

  • Exercise all the time as you live on the 5th floor and your lift is never working.

  • The view from your apartment makes you swoon and die every time.

  • Your neighbors keep a close watch on everything – when you leave, when you come and with whom.

  • And you can always get disappointed as your favorite eating places won’t deliver to your place

  • There is scope for more exercise, as the nearest metro station will not be near at all.

  • Dealing with landlords might be perplexing. You do not know whether he is asking you about rent or scolding you.

So, take inspiration from this, and stop making adjustments in your day to day life. Get motivated and take up a place of your home because you deserve to live not in a rented house but a home of your own.

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