10 Times We All Would Have Heard Those Sarcastic Statements from Our Parents

You might be an expert at passing sarcastic statements, but do you think you can challenge your parents in that game? Not at all! Every parent has his or her own personal sarcasm brand and almost all of us would have been victims of such statements at one point or the other in our lives. Here are some of the most common situations wherein we would have heard sarcastic statements from our parents.

  • Chances are very vague that you would get what you wished for. You are sure to hear some kind of ironic reply.

  • Are you returning home late? You obviously would dread hearing your mom’s or dad’s lecture, but still stay prepared for it!

  • Talking over the phone for a long time is quite common for you, but not for your parents. Just ignore those scornful remarks and carry on.

  • Did you just hear your mother say that you can stay over at your friend’s place forever? Does she really mean it? Not at all! That’s just another mocking remark.

  • It’s very rare that you come to the dining table at the very first call from your mother – unless there’s a meal that’s scrumptious.  You usually wait for your mom to show her personal brand of sarcasm.

  • Be ready to hear the most sarcastic remark ever when you ask for a pet!

  • Last but not the least here’s the ultimate one – most certainly each one of us would have heard this at least once!

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