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More than 100 Bills targeting LGBT Families this year

LGBT families in South Dakota might lose their children in July changing both the husband’s lives forever.

This is because South Dakota passed a law that is anti-LGBT and the first in 2017. This law would take effect in the month of July and it would allow foster and adoption agencies that are under funding from the state to turn away LGBT families if religious objections are cited to LGBT people.

100 Bills other than the one mentioned above have been proposed to curb LGBT American’s civil rights. About more than a dozen target families and children.

Bills that would allow foster and adoption agencies to opt out of everything related to LGBT people are under consideration in four states. About fifteen of the states have bathroom bills which would be preventing teens and kids which are transgender from being able to access locker rooms, restrooms and other gender appropriate facilities in school.

Last year, the federal government promised to protect the transgender kids but Trump administration pulled back from these projections on February 22nd which left opportunities for these kinds of legislations could pass with interference from federal government.

A dozen pending legislations target LGBT families in Texas only. Some bills propose allowing clubs to discriminate and still receive funds from the school, some bills allow clerks of the county to opt out of marriage license issue to the couples, some bills deny foster care and adoption to LGBT, and some bills legalize bakers and florists to refuse gay wedding supplies.

The most concerning bills are related to adoption in Texas, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Alabama that are causing concern among the welfare advocates of children.

These bills allow the general public to discriminate the LGBT community even more than what they already do. This is undoing what the former president did for the community.

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