11 Amazing & Futuristic Kickstarter Products We Are Hoping Will Become A Reality

Futuristic Kickstarter Products

When it comes to matters of tech, the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter is a fascinating place to shop. Even though there’s no guarantee that a product will see the light of day, people readily spend money on the site’s crazy, futuristic and fascinating products and projects. You can browse through campaigns which promise delivery in near future on successful funding. We like to go (browser-)window shopping on the site every now and then. Here are our favorites around this time that we really wish to see in stores soon.

1. iBand+

Helps sleep better and experience lucid dreaming.Who doesn’t want to control their dreams? iBand+ — a smart wireless Bluetooth EEG headband — senses your brainwaves, induces lucid dreaming (like in the movie Inception), improves your sleep with music that intelligently adjusts to your sleep phases and helps you wake up naturally. It also helps you monitor your health via a personal health tracker while asleep!


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