11 Hilarious Designs Fails That You Dare Not Miss Out On

Let’ start off with this statement… “To err is human, to forgive are the divine readers”. These are the golden words used by most of us to get rid of the blunders we make. However, sometimes these blunders are simply too hilarious to let them go! They need to be discussed and made fun of. Period. (But of course, with an honest intention to cheer people up.)

Here is a compilation of some gruesome design fails that will make you ROFL. We wonder if these were genuine mistakes or sheer silliness…?

#1. The T-shirt’s suffering with bi-polar disorder, maybe?

It’s a free world I say! A T-shirt doesn’t get to decide your emotions!

#2. Cry me some blood

This minion is a creepy reminder of Chucky. Thanks for ruining my love and craze for minions, Mr. Manufacturer!

#3. These guys need to set their priorities right!

What exact service you’ll be providing? Enter the store to find out more. You know, to think of this may be an excellent marketing strategy.

#4. A puzzled nose?

Hey, look at what I found! Cinderella’s picture before her nose job.

#5. What a good message to spread among kids! Err…maybe not.

You know what they say…Goals change with time.

#6. A road to the oblivion

It has been established. To be a cyclist, you need to be good at high jumps.

#7. There’s my favorite vessel

It tells me exactly what I want to hear.

#8. Just pull

But the real question is…How???

#9. And, here you go…


Haha…You actually go NOWHERE.

#10. A place you don’t want to be seen coming out from

Naaa…I’ll pass that ride.

#11. Care for a syrup?

I am always up for a syrup, but not quite sure about this one.

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