These 12 Chats Are Really Going to Make You Roll on the Ground Laughing

WhatsApp and Messengers have not only brought people together, but they have also been an excellent source of entertainment for us. The best entertainment is when we have some hilarious conversations while texting with our best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, sibling or other family members. Now that all people have a smartphone, texting has become an obsession. Even our moms and dads have started using WhatsApp and Messenger, probably much more than us.

We are sure you must have had your funny moments too while texting. Here are some screenshots of conversations that are extremely hilarious and will take you down your memory lane as you recall the funny conversations you have had. So, let us have a look.

  • Drunken texting is the best. But we doubt if we were ever that drunk.

  • That moment when you regret being sexy and having initiated a dirty conversation.

  • And we thought only girls excel at the job of being savage.

  • That’s a new one! It will be fun to try it out.

  • True story! Mom usually takes hours just to type ‘Hi’ even during emergencies.

  • Girls have a great sense of humour.

  • This is so epic. I cannot stop laughing.

  • When the Pokemon fan comes out when you are drunk.

  • Autocorrect in phones have often caused some really embarrassing conversations.

  • When all your romantic messages and lovey dovey texts go in vain.

  • It is next to impossible to handle moms even while texting.

  • Even Indian dads are no less when compared to moms.

We are sure you must have enjoyed these conversation screenshots and the naughty ones may have got some ideas too to piss their text buddies also.

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