12 Incredible Travel Destinations That Are Way Better During The Fall

With another summer coming to a close, fall is just around the corner…and I could not be more excited!

What’s not to love about autumn? It’s that magical time of year where the leaves change colors and pumpkin spice invades every aisle at the grocery store. All your favorite TV shows have finally returned from their summer hiatuses, and Halloween is closer than you even realize. Football games, warm apple cider, campfires, candy corn: the list never ends.

For jetsetters, nothing beats seeing the world at its best. While summer is thought to be the peak of the travel season, fall is far more superior in plenty of places. Here’s a list of 12 travel destinations that are significantly improved when the leaves start to turn.

1. Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

While the U.S. experiences chillier temps, this Chilean destination spends much of September through November warming up to spring-like conditions. This is the best time to visit Santiago. During these months, there is plenty of sunshine and the crowds of tourists begin to thin out. Flights from the U.S. to Santiago are also relatively cheaper during the fall.