12 Insanely Funny Tweets by Tamilians That Will Make You Laugh

Twitter is turning out to be a platform where people can pretty much express themselves more openly. Of late, it’s turning out to be a place where people are expressing their funny side as well.

Here are some really funny tweets by Tamilans. Read on:

  1. A Tamilian expresses his love for food “South Indian hotel typical meals will be like this: Rice – Eat 200 kgs, Sambhar – consume 500 liters, Extra Appalam – Sorry sir,  just 1 per plate, extra appalam will cost you Rs 10,000/-.”

2. What will an Iyengar computer virus be known as? – It will be called “Nammalware”.

3. When Kamal Hassan got an account on Twitter, a man tweets, “Oh! Finally Kamal Sir is on Twitter. When someone told Kamal that Twitter allows only 140 characters, he was like: That’s ok, I’ll play them all!”

4. Another funny guy posted an image of Jupiter and commented “This is how our – mottai dosai looks”.

5. Different emotions – “Hold the door” is an order, whereas “Thaa gate ah moodra”, is basically an emotion.

6. Another man talks about the unity of auto drivers in Chennai. In Chennai, all the auto rickshaw drivers are called Anna – This is called “Rikshaw Bandhan”.

7. One boy remakes Waka Waka song of Shakira and it goes like this: Swaminathana eh eh,  waka waka eh eh. Swaminathana jangri le ya. This is for Chithappa.

8. A Tamilian takes a photograph with the one and only tennis player Nadal and adds a comment that reads,  “Confusing bull fight with Jallikattu is like this”.

9. Another funny note – two iyengar uncles went to have a drink and they said “ Jeeyars”.

10. Here is a tweet by a Tamilian condemning a North Indian. “It is Deepavali. Diwali is for that cousin of yours who married a North Indian and got disowned by your family.”

11. Another funny one:

                    My Friend: ‘Odambu’ ku Hindi la yenna solluvom?
                    Me: Shareer
                    My Friend: Thanks macha!

                    My Friend to his colleague (Girl) : Aapka shareer kaisa hai?

12. Last but not the least, this crazy tweet!

“Hollywood’s Goundamani” is probably the best description of “Deadpool” that I have ever read.

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