12 moments from the movie “Queen” that every good girl gone bad can relate too!

The character of Rani made us fall in love with her in the movie Queen. From dealing with parents that are overprotective to being shameless and breaking stereotypes of society, we girls have definitely been there once in our lives.

  1. The time Rani gets all panic-stricken and tells the boy who enters the room to be absolutely silent while she is talking to her mom.

  1. When Rani’s mom asks her to keep her informed about her whereabouts and call her each night from Paris. The expression that we can all relate to!

  1. When Rani’s mom shoots questions at her one after another, right when she joins the call on Skype.

  1. When she turns to alcohol to sooth her heart broken feelings

  1. When she tells her new friend about the tragedy and social norms that a lay in India has to put up with.

  1. 6.When Rani is accompanied by her sibling on a date because her mom refused to let her go alone

  1. When Rani’s BFF is really excited for her as she was going to lose her virginity that she been saving similar to a “mutual fund”.

  1. When Rani fools the stranger by making a fake phone call and throws him off

  1. When she dials the emergency helpline of MOM as she encounters a kitchen

  1. When she takes out a moment to see herself in the mirror.

  1. When she disappoints herself even after rehearsing for make out face expression.

  1. And the moment when Rani’s mom gets concerned about how she will manage on her own just as they go to receive her from the airport as she come back from the solo honeymoon.

She is clearly one of our beloved characters as she is going to make you realize that you need only yourself to be truly happy and enjoy life.

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