12 Relatable Memes That Prove Your Younger Siblings Are Wicked

Siblings share a roller coaster ride of emotions in their relationship. During some moments, they share love and few minutes later they fight like Tom and Jerry. Younger siblings are evil to their older ones.

This article is dedicated to the elder siblings who have suffered due to their younger ones. We have a collection of memes, which you can relate to your past memories.

  1. Your younger siblings pretend to hide your secrets, but use them to blackmail you later.
  2. They not only secretly use your clothes, but also spoil them.
  3. They have their own items, but are always attracted to the things you own.
  4. They put you into trouble for their misconducts.
  5. They destroy you emotionally with their weapon of tears.
  6. They know that they can do any mischievous act and escape, so they do anything they like.
  7. You need to take up all the responsibilities of your family, but they are dearer at home.
  8. Younger siblings never return your items in one piece. When they take it from you, it looks so beautiful, and when they return it, it looks dismantled.
  9. Your little sib steals your clothes. It isn’t actually losing your clothes.
  10. They are the highly pampered ones at your home.
  11. The most powerful weapon a younger sibling has in his hands is when he gets to know his elder sibling is dating someone.
  12. The younger sib gets immense happiness when the elder one gets scolded by parents.
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