12 Things That a Clumsy Person Can Relate to His Life

A clumsy person has lots of struggles in his daily life. He has to bear a lot of unnecessary pain, and he is the most laughed at.

I am a devoted member of this clumsy species, who won’t finish his day without forgetting or awarding with a bruise daily.

Here, we have listed down 17 things, which a clumsy person can relate to his real life.

  • You daily drop your phone on your face.

  • You trip on sidewalks and pretend as if nothing has happened.

  • When someone assigns you a task and immediately remembers that you are clumsy and says “Never Mind”….

  • You always worry about being a bad parent because taking care of yourself is a difficult task for you.

  • Not breaking anything in your hand is as rare as finding a negative Rh blood type.

  • You tend to lose things even in your sleep. You have a tough time searching for things you have placed somewhere a minute ago.

  • Your life’s greatest achievement is to survive for a day without injuring any of your body parts.

  • Waking up with a random bruise on any of your body part is an everyday thing.

  • Your unintentional actions make the people around you afraid of being victims.

  • Your friends have posted hilarious snaps and videos of you all over the social media. You are screwed publicly on social media.

  • You use these words (“ouch”, “sorry”, “Oh Shit”) more than few times every day.

  • You have the habit of dropping your phone multiple times a day.

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