12 Times Arvind Kejriwal Hints That He Doesn’t Want To Be CM of Delhi Anymore

No doubt, being a CM is not everyone’s cup of tea. As you are held responsible for everything. You have to deal with a throng of question along with that shitloads of works. We guess that he just can’t take it anymore.

Bored of being CM of Delhi

Bored of being CM of Delhi

He gave subtle hints.

He gave subtle hints.

Once tried to sneak out quietly

Once tried to sneak out quietly

But his bad luck. Soon was caught and taken back to the office.

But his bad luck. Soon was caught and taken back to the office.

Then tried to hide his identity by dressing similar to the singer Usha Uthup

tried to hide his identity

But the misfortune followed him. This cover was blown as well. Why can’t we understand that he’s bored of being the CM?

All he wishes to do now is simple things. Like:

Enjoying Hot Tikkis in the street

Enjoying Hot Tikkis

Or enjoy having mangoes with his best friend. After all, it’s the mango season.

Having mangoes

Or may be enjoying some hot Maggie


#MeriDharnaWaalEnjoying some hot Maggie

Or maybe he just wants to be a professional food taster now.

A professional food taster


Or he’s wondering to change his career option.

How about being a yoga instructor? Just look at him guys

Yoga instructor

Or may be a film critic. As we have always observed him reviewing films.

As this is something which he can do 24*7

No matter if the film sucks..!

He had never bother about the director. Even watches the movies of Shirish Kunder. How sweet?

Now let’s just check out Arvind Kejriwal in the office

Arvind Kejriwal in the office

And this is him in the movie hall.

Arvind Kejriwal in movie hall

He is so talented that he present his talent time to time. He had shown his interest in singing. He sings WOW!!!

He dances like nobody’s watching and sings like nobody is listening. And how to forget about his dance moves and voice. Aww!! It’s just awesome. Have a look.

Seriously, we understand your feelings, sir. Aapki jagah agar hum hote, toh hum bhi jarur pakk jaate. Now we come to know that you are bored of being CM of Delhi.

suno sabki, karo dil ki

So all the best Sirji with your favorite slogan suno sabki, karo dil ki.

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