13 Brutal Insults That You Can Use on Your Best Friends

There is a certain code of conduct when it comes to you and your best buddy. You may never say ‘hi’ to your best buddy. Rather, you may call him with a code ‘hi bh***od!’ The best friendships are made on ruthless denigration. Though it is not healthy, it is funny.

Here are few such insults, which your best buddy deserves from you. Have a glance at these.

  • Whenever your friend tries to scare you, this is what suits him

  • When your friend feels that no woman loves him, this is apt for him

  • If your best buddy wins in any competition, you can sarcastically say this.

  • Sometimes, it takes a while to understand this

  • If your friend doesn’t receive what he wants, then you can make fun showing this picture.

  • When you want to make fun of your buddy’s style, this is the perfect pic.

  • There is no specific situation, which suits this picture. Still, use it with your best buddy wherever you feel it suits.

  • Is this apt for any situation?

  • Lol! Even crows are afraid of your friend!

  • When you don’t have time to explain things to your friend about a particular situation…

  • If your friend tries out a new style, then this is what happens.

  • When you are fed up of the actions of your best friend, you can use this.

  • To control the actions of your best friend, you can use this.

We hope these images would have made your day.

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