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13 Interesting Things That Every Indian Has Done While Studying

As human beings, we all have studied one or another subject at some point in our lives. You may not exactly recollect all that you would have done during childhood, which is absolutely okay; however, there are certain things that you would never forget like, the way you completed your homework or prepared for your exams.

Here, you will be taken down into that journey where you will recollect everything that you experienced when you were trying to mug during exams

  1. Highlighting all the portions, assuming that it would be very easy to remember; however, knowing deep down in your heart that it is not true.

2. Finding out from your other friends as to how much they have prepared already.

      3. Lying to your friends about your lack of preparation even when you have studied reasonably well.

      4. Taking constant snack breaks every 5-10 minutes and then trying to justify that you need enough breaks to keep your mind relaxed.

      5. Setting up a deadline to complete certain part of your syllabus.

      6. Obviously, you would not follow it anyways.

      7. You do everything, but still fail to follow your own plan of finishing portions before deadline.


      8. You then realize that you have very less time left and thereby reduce the allotted time that you had previously given to each of the sections.

      9. You will find all the possible means to entertain yourself.

     10. Of course, snacks are an integral part of your preparation.

     11. You have taken a nap in between your preparations and you would have even slept through all of your newly set deadlines.

     12. You then get into a panic mode realizing that you have actually not covered your syllabus and you have very little time left in hand.

     13. Before going off to sleep, you find out how much your other friends have finished.

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