13 Things That Go Through Our Mind When We Get A Call From An Unknown Number

If there’s one situation that makes our mind go into over-drive mode, it’s getting a call from an unknown number. Everyone has a different thought when those 10 ‘unknown’ digits flash across the home-screen. From the desperate urge to ignore it; fearing that it could be another cold-call from a sales representative; to wondering whether this is THE CALL that can change your life, myriad thoughts rush through our minds. Here are some of them:

1. “Could it be a call regarding that lucky draw I filled in two weeks back? I really hope it is. I could totally use that free holiday!”1 2. “An unknown number? I bet it’s some guy trying to sell me another credit card that I don’t need.”23. “This number seems to be from Bombay. Could it be a big production studio calling to sign me up for a movie?”34. “Oh God! Please, let this be a call from that company I just applied to. I really need a new job.”45. “U.S. ka number? Whom do I know in the U.S.?”56. Situation: 5 missed calls from an unknown number at 2:30 a.m.

Thoughts in your head: “I bet it’s my stalker ex-boyfriend trying to get in touch with me again. Jerk!”6

7. “Hmm, it seems like a call from my telephone operator. Number toh waisa hi lag raha hai. Did I forget to pay my bill again?”78. “Phir se koi wrong number hoga!”89. “What if it’s mom trying to call me from another number just to figure out my whereabouts? Possible hai.”910. “100% koi new client hoga. Utha leta hoon.”1011. “Arre yaar, kahin yeh Amit toh nahi hai. Maybe he’s calling me from another number and wants to catch up. Argh!”1112. “Two missed calls from the same number. I hope everything is fine! Could it be an emergency? I should probably call back.”1213. “What if it’s that loser from school who always wanted to date. Chance nahi lete, ignore kar lete hain yeh call”13

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