13 Times Kareena Kapoor Was Absolutely Witty and Rib-Tickling

We should accept that Kareena Kapoor has an amazing sense of humour. She’s so spontaneous and witty that people at the other end are dumb-struck. Here are some of the most hilarious moments from her record.

  • When she seemed absolutely chilled out even in an instance that should have been an awkward elevator ride….

  • When the reporter asked this question and the response the Kapoor girl gave….. It looks like the reporter would have regretted asking this question.

  • And when this bold question was shot towards her about acting in bold movies…….

  • When she had this answer ready for the monotonous question she has been asking at almost every red carpet event…….

  • When she forced Ranbir into confessing about his love…..

  • When she deemed this nosey reporter deserved such a retort….

  • When she simply wished to tag along….

  • When she was all ready to binge on food to satisfy her hunger craving…..

  • When she exploded this truth bombshell…..

  • When she sneaked out of this possibly bad click just because she looked short…..

  • When she wittily handled her pregnancy rumours….

  • When she could no more take the nonsense queries…….

  • When she interrogated Karan Johar about his omnipresence….

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Again !! fat story !! ??

Again !! fat story !!

Who want to do it !! ????

Who want to do it !!