14 Annoying Things about Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham That Would Piss Off Anyone

  • Yashvardhan Raichand, one the best business magnates, doesn’t know how to tie a tie.

  • Yash has a flatscreen behind his Bossman chair. Doesn’t that seem senseless to have a TV behind your chair?

  • It’s so damn irritating every time Yash kills an argument with his final word.

  • Rohan runs to Rahul to be rescued by the goons, but Rahul doesn’t stop flirting with Anjali.

  • Despite Anjali knowing that she can’t be with Rahul anymore, she performs for a love song with him at Rukshar’s wedding.

  • Anjali and Rahul bump into each other and somehow get this tangled up.

  • Rohan gets Rahul’s address on “”, a similar version of YellowPages.

  • Pooja’s friends have no life ambitions of their own.

  • The whole college bunks classes to act as backup dancers for the celebrity dance Pooja does for Rohan.

  • It’s just once that Rohan drives by Pooja and she starts singing romantic songs for him since then.

  • Rohan can’t tie his shoelace despite studying in boarding school for many years. Also, Rohan and his father Raichand are bad at tying knots.

  • Yash acts shocked that Rahul took his hurtful comment of “being adopted” to heart.

  • Yash playfully slaps Rahul and blames him for not resolving this issue since many years.

  • Finally, this family doesn’t deserve this, but still…

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