14 Costco Jokes that are so hilarious that it will make you laugh out loud

Most of the people really cannot imagine a life without the Costco. It is like a second home to so many of us because we turn to Costco for all the requirements and needs that we have. The Social Media recently sprang up with tons of jokes on Costco and the struggle and experiences that are faced by the customers on day to day basis. We put the top 14 jokes all in one place for you so that you can have a great laugh. And I am sure next time you go to your nearest Costco for shopping, these jokes will be remembered by you then.

So here they go.

  • When we are looking for free samples.

  • Yeah, we always forget to keep count on the number of samples that we have.

  • Because we love our breakfast meal, and the cereal is a must. New cereal always makes us want to dance.

  • There are just too many options and cool toys. We cannot decide.

  • When you bump into other people at Costco.

  • When it comes to size of things, Costco is the best.

  • When others hear your wish list, and you have to get it before they do.

  • Few things do not change. They stay the same, yet people do not understand.

  • Everything we buy is never in ones or twos. It is always in bulk.

  • You cannot blame us.. the Chicken nuggets are unbelievably delicious.

  • The best part about Costco is the sample. It is the most primary attraction.

  • This happens every time with me. LOL

  • Cool one man.

  • We will never get enough of the free samples of food at Costco.


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