14 Rib-Tickling Problems Faced by Early Sleepers

‘Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’… Don’t be too surprised when I tell you there are quite a few people who actually live by this slogan!

  1. Yes, these kind of human species do exists.

You might find them sitting right next to you. And the worst part is…Some are even proud of it.

  1. Its’ just who you are…

You simply believe in maintaining consistence. You probably went to bed at 8 at the age of 7. So, technically you are simply doing what your mamma asked you to do. What a filial child you are!

  1. I am NOT CRANKY

In your defense…its 9, we understand, its way past your bed time.

  1. Tick-Tock

These guys even count the seconds of their precious sleep they are missing out on!

  1. The Calculation

In their head there are doing this complex calculation to determine the exact time they should leave so as to reach home on time. This could probably explain the depth of love they have for their sleep.

  1. Excuses

They would have mastered the art of acting. ‘Err… I can’t make it today. I have got a doctor’s appointment at 9 (Well in my dreams of course)’

  1. The Veteran’s

These guys don’t give a shit of what’s happening.

  1. The good old fashion Irish-Exit

NOBODY sees them leave. It’s almost magical

  1. The peer pressure

This is what they get, when they don’t want to go out late at night and their friends do.

  1. They have got their priorities sorted

When a party starts after 10…They would definitely choose to sleep over it.

  1. Too cool to give a shit about it

When their friends mock them for their sleeping habit. They wear the ‘Like What Ever Dude’ attitude.

  1. They OWN it

When they are called the mom or even worst- grand mom of the group. They own it!

  1. They have the answer

Ask them what good happens by staying late at night and this is what they will have to say.

  1. Clubbing and parting

Their exact reaction!

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