An engineer is though to be a professional person who apply scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical, societal and commercial problems. But, only an engineer can understand that how much frustrated and exhausted we really are from inside. Many say there is no life of engineering student (enjoyably one). Our parents want us to become Engineers, doctors; but no one cared how life will going to be for us.

Well, we are going to tell you 14 truth of any engineering student life. So, you can better understand that how is the life for any engineering student.


  • Chai-Sutta (Tea-Cigarette)

It is like the fuel on which we engineer run on. We can solve any problem over chai and sutta.1

  • Single Notebook for all subjects

We guys don’t need a separate notebook for the different subject. Only one notebook is enough for us. ‘Ped bachao andolan2

  • The first seat is free for anyone

Most welcomed. ‘mai baithunga-mai baithunga..peeche re’ (I’ll sit-I’ll sit on the backbench)3

  • Personality makeover

Who needs a beauty treatment are always welcome, we will do your complete make over.4

  • Attendance

It is the only one thing which we engineer fear.5

  • Hot Girls? What is that thing?

Those girls which you can see in your touch screen, but not on live screen (i.e. in reality) are called hot girls. ‘Poora campus chaan mara iske liye to’6

  • Birthday Parties

‘bacha lo re koi’ (somebody help)7

  • Our day starts after sunset


  • Assignment

If anyone complete assignment, other are like.9

  • At the time of Assignment submission

Mam/ Sir Please lelo (take it)10

  • The real ‘Maal’ (Item)

Solid ‘maal’ hai11

  • How hard we study’s


  • Who cares? Sab Moh-maaya hai

And last but the special one.13

  • Placements

No, matter what happens we can handle anything after all we are engineers.14

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