15 Captions that are hilarious and show you what Indian parent are like

A series of comics called the Brown Paperbag which is created by Sailesh Gopalan showed what it is like to be growing up in a typical Indian family. This series of comics were initiated in the month of June in the year 2016 and in such a short time they are being followed by about 150000 people.

The artist, Sailesh Gopalan described his comics as the web comic that has a slice of life. With the help of his comics, he aims to target and highlight the exploiting stereotypes and ironies that prevail in the society of India and families of India in a fashion that is satirical.

The artist who is 21 years old and a student from Mumbai has highlighted all scenarios and situations from a traditional wedding to clothing and how embarrassing our mom and dad can get at times.

These 15 situations can totally relate to everyone.

  • You can piss in public but hell no to kissing.

  • This is so true! Happens to girls all the time

  • Speaking about knowing people personally

  • No place available for playing

  • Better watch out what you speak and mind your language, you’re still a child

  • It is ok for dads to sit in the house naked and yeah I know its embarrassing.

  • Showing skin means you are shameless and what about your sarees showing off skin?

  • The game which we all play, Blame the Game

  •  U have to follow MY dreams, not YOUR stupid ones!

  •  The ultimate skills of buying things.

  •  The cops know everything.

  •  Some dreams are dreams only.

  • Yeah! Parents always do this.

  • The preparation for guests.

  • And you can share everything with them. Yeah LOL!

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